About Us

Dependability You Can Trust

With over 12 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, office management & HR, I can help with all of your office and accounting needs.  I can confidently say that your business will be handled with accuracy and professionalism.  My goal is to help you realize your business potential by maximizing profits and reducing expenses.  By allowing me to assist with your financial needs, you are free to expand and focus on your products or services.  That is dependability you can literally take to the bank.

Cost Effective

Hiring an onsite bookkeeper requires them to be an employee, meaning you will end up paying for wages, benefits, employer taxes and fees that you won't have with an offsite accounting service.  Also, that bookkeeper will most likely only be able to help you with the most basic day to day items.  I am not a CPA firm, so this allows you to get most of the same benefits of an experienced accounting professional without the costly CPA price tag.  With the help of an experienced professional, you can get more insight for less.  You can budget out exactly what your bookkeeping needs will cost with an affordable monthly plan.  No more wondering how many hours your bookkeeper will need to be there or how much those services will ultimately cost.

One Stop Shop

It is difficult to keep so many different people on hand to help with the various financial aspects of your business.  Bookkeeper, accountant, payroll, HR consultant.  You can get all of these right here with me and I can even make sure you are fully prepared for your tax accountant/financial advisor at year end saving them time which reduces the cost you will incur.  This means more efficiency for your business and less for you to keep track of.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Hayes, Owner/Accountant

I have been in the accounting field for over 12 years with experience as a Staff Accountant, Office Manger and HR Manager.  Most of my experience has been in the manufacturing/construction field so I understand the importance of being able to track your actual costs as well as time.  It all has a value and needs to be considered when planning and growing your business.  My goal is to make sure that you know exactly where your business stands and to work with you and for you to ensure you are prepared in every way possible.  I believe in an honest days work and I'm not afraid of a challenge.  I instead look at the obstacles presented to me as a way to grow and learn.  I have truly been blessed with the ability to work for and with some great accounting professionals.   This has allowed me to learn from practical, real world situations that weren't taught in school.  My passion is for small business owners - contractors, electricians, plumbers, consultants, etc.  I know how hard it is to make your own way and want to help those that have the same passion for their work as I do for mine.  Not everyone is a numbers person and that's OK, everyone has their own talents and specialties.  I feel pride in that by using mine, I am helping others reach the potential of theirs.